SoHo, SoVo, SoFo - What are they?

The latest trend in the Malaysian real estate universe would be the skyrocketing of jargons like SoHo, SoVo, and SoFo. What do they all mean you may ask?

First of all, the definitions...
SoHo - Small Office Home Office
SoVo - Small Office Versatile Office
SoFo - Small Office Flexible Office

They all share one thing in common, small built up size! Ranging from 400 sq ft up to a possible maximum of 800 sq ft. However, despite its small built up range, the price per square feet for one of these SoHo, SoVo, and SoFo unit can be quite hefty; somewhere between RM 450/sq ft to RM 700/ sq ft (could be more).

The Small Office Home Office Concept

The Small Office Home Office Concept

You may ask, why is the development of SoHo, SoVo, and SoFo trending in Malaysia? That's due to the fact that land in the Klang Valley is becoming scarce. In order to address that need, property developers resorted to building such combination of home office. 

Important note is that, SoHo, SoVo, and SoFo are new class of properties in Malaysia and are yet to have a definite standard sale and purchase agreement. We suggest that you look out for any fine print when you're purchasing any one of these properties.

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